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This is why the Golden Rule is ultimately like every other maxim: It works flawlessly, until it doesn’t.

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The article notes the rule’s highly circumscribed social scope in the cultures of its origin and its role in framing psychological outlooks toward others, not directing behavior.

This emphasis eases the rule’s “burdens of obligation,” which are already more manageable than expected in the rule’s primary role, socializing children.

While highlighting the golden rule’s psychological functions, doubt is cast on the rule’s need for empathy and cognitive role-taking.

The rule can be followed through adherence to social reciprocity conventions and their approved norms.

The golden rule urges more feasible other-directedness and egalitarianism in our outlook.

A raft of additional rationales is offered to challenge the rule’s reputation as overly idealistic and infeasible in daily life.

This article approaches the rule, therefore, through the rubric of building its philosophy, or clearing a path for such construction.

The approach reworks common belief rather than elaborating an abstracted conception of the rule’s logic.

These policies are central to how I want to be treated by others.

And if this is the way I wish to be treated, it should be — according to the Golden Rule — how I treat everyone else. This semantic loophole makes the Golden Rule virtually bulletproof, which is why it’s such a durable platitude.


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