Global Warming Human Causes Essay

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In addition to clearing trees to make room for large areas adequate for the care and feeding of animals for food, these animals create a huge amount of waste, which produces methane, a very harmful greenhouse gas.

Consumption of meat and meat products is expected to continue growing, even doubling by 2050, according to one projection.

To conclude, the human being should stop destroying the environment.

We have to understand the effect of ecosystem change which will have a bad impact upon us.

These days, global warming has been a matter of great concern for us.

It is going to pose a severe threat to our environment. When the balance of nature is disturbed, the world will be unsuitable to live in.

There’s no doubt humans have been the main part of the problem, and that’s why we have to create a solution.

The first step is understanding how, exactly, our actions have created this situation.

When Carbon Dioxide is produced, it accelerates global warming process. Methane is also a greenhouse gas and it plays a more effective role in trapping the high temperature in the environment that carbon dioxide does more than 20 times.

Methane can be produced from the natural gasoline, coal exploration, petroleum, and industrial wastages. The most important effects of global warming will be on the climate change.


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