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Though in the last stanza, the donkey has his laugh, "Fools! Although, the donkey is a mixed breed, he was loved and chosen by the one person who has the greatest power- Jesus.

The second is not that small is beautiful but that the beautiful is always small, that we cannot have a clear picture in white light of abstractions, but only of a row of houses at a certain time of day, and that we go wrong when we extend our loyalties to things much larger than a puppet theatre.

(And this, in turn, is fine, because the puppet theatre contains the world.)This vision, not yet specifically religious, though determinedly antimaterialist, helped launch Chesterton into the world that he went out to conquer.

Some moment when the moon was blood/ Then surely I was born" (Lines 1-4).

These lines are representative of the fact that the world must have been turned upside down in order for the donkey to be born.

“The Man Who Was Thursday” is one of the hidden hinges of twentieth-century writing, the place where, before our eyes, the nonsense-fantastical tradition of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear pivots and becomes the nightmare-fantastical tradition of Kafka and Borges.

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Chesterton’s “The Man Who Was Thursday,” and it has come out in at least two new editions on the occasion.

It is also, along with Chesterton’s “The Napoleon of Notting Hill,” the nearest thing that this masterly writer wrote to a masterpiece.

Chesterton is an easy writer to love—a brilliant sentence-maker, a humorist, a journalist of endless appetite and invention. It is like saying, ‘My mother, drunk or sober’ ”—while the deeper ones are genuine Catholic koans, pregnant and profound: “Blasphemy depends on belief, and is fading with it.

Tattered means, a torn piece and the word outlaw means, exile; criminal, make or declare illegal.

All the word choices combine emphasizes how Chesterton wanted the reader to fully understand that the donkey was an unpleasant creature.


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