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Girls Education Essay-2
Our greatest and dire needs of the time are to build up and strengthen our defences.For a strong, stable and prosperous As stated above education is an equal right of male and female. If they are educated they will carry the light where ever they go. The educated female’s percentage in our country is about ten percent.That’s why they need to pay attention to education. In your family, of course, you don’t want an illiterate wife. But why, because the future of your kids depends on that.

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Education makes people civilized, cultured and law abiding. In the words of the great philosopher Aristotle “to neglect the education of the young ones, is to weaken the constitution of the country” the present political chaos in the country is the direct result of lack of proper education.

Education is equally important for the boys and girls.

Here, in this essay, we will take look at ‘female education in Bangladesh and others’. That’s why we need to put some extra effort into ‘Female Education’. We can’t arrange a better society or a better nation without them. And we, of course, appreciate educated and well-learned partner with us. Our life starts with education and if we can pursue education properly we can go really long in our life. But in this world, lots of females are still away from education. We need to work on that and make awareness among people.

Bangladesh is a growing country with a fair amount of female education ratio. Whatever we do, they are helping us to complete that. But in every sector, girls are not participating equally with boys. That will help us to understand the importance of female education.

People are changing and they are being smart and educated.

Educated people can realize the importance of girl’s education.If we want to have a harmonous growth female education is to be given due importance in the national planning schemes.More girls schools and colleges are to be opened all over country, primary must be made free and compulsory both for boys and girls.In a country like India, female education is being appreciated day by day.But a few years ago, the situation was not like now.If we look at history, there are lots of female scholars who have done really well for their country.We have ‘Begum Rokeya’, she has started a revolution in India and Bangladesh which let girls start studying.An educated girl or women could do so many things that others can’t. We all need to realize that and let our girls be educated. From the very beginning, people used to neglect female education, as a result, women are so much behind according to research.Our country is growing according to a better economy. Few first world countries are done really amazing in this, but still, now there are problems. If our wives and our sisters won’t get proper education then how can we expect that our next generation will be educated?So there is really high importance of educated wife in a family.We should bring equality in the education system all across the world.


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