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Important insights about the collection that pertain to language arts may be found in the accompanying essay, Yr. The essay explains the necessity of responding to each piece of correspondence received, and illustrates what a formidable challenge this task was to important people of the day, such as George Washington. your Letter together with a copy of your essay on the disease produced by the bite of a mad-dog. The topics and events to which they refer provide insights about major events in the era in which they were written.

This would permit the word "egachee" to be interpreted as Êgises, in the sense of a protective influence, a plural which Washington spelled by its sound to him.

An old spelling of Êgis is egis.] Letter from George Washington to Robert Orme, July 28, 1755 [Transcription] Fellow Citizens of the Senate and of the House of Representatives: When we call to mind the gracious indulgence of Heaven, by which the American People became a nation; when we survey the general prosperity of our country, and look forward to the riches, power, and happiness, to which it seems destined; with the deepest regret do I announce to you, that during your recess, some of the citizens of the United States have been found capable of an insurrection.

Social Change in 20th Century Ireland An old person talks about changes that have taken place in Ireland in the countryside or in the cities since 1900.

International Relations in the 20th Century A soldier who took part in World War II.

The following People in History figures have appeared in recent papers: 2017 A: A woman living in a named ancient civilisation outside of Ireland. A settler who received land during a named plantation in Ireland during the 16th or 17th century. The Age of Exploration: A named leader on a voyage of exploration. A native Irish landowner who lost land in a named plantation.

B: A worker in a factory or a mine during the Industrial Revolution in Britain c. A British or American soldier who took part in D-Day, June 1944 A named political leader in the Republic of Ireland during the period 1960-1985. B: A named leader on a voyage during the Age of Exploration. B: A settler who received land during a named plantation during the 16th or 17th century. The Age of Revolutions: A named leader involved in a revolution (America or France or Ireland).

Historians have noted that George Washington's writing abilities improved during the course of his life.

Washington's formal education was relatively limited, but his talents in the language arts increased with practice, and in tandem with his ascent into the upper strata of British, then American society. that was given of our late unhappy Engagem't; but all tend'd, greatly to the disadvantage of the poor deceas'd Genl., who is censur'd on all hands.


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