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This resulted in more death because there were no treatments available for the individuals in need (The genocide in Rwanda can be seen from an individual level, seeing as many were involved and one specific group was being targeted (the Tutsis).The genocide can also be seen from a family perspective, adults from the same families were plotted against each other.

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Preventionism in Genocide Studies Since World War II, the field of genocide studies has evolved as an interdisciplinary and scholarly field in its own right.

As an autonomous intellectual field, genocide studies has reached a point where it is necessary to develop models for the analysis of the field itself.

Indeed, preventionism is an ideology which has provided legitimacy to social science since the earliest of times: knowledge of society produced through scientific inquiry is the first step in the prevention or amelioration of social problems.

As a mental experiment to indicate the prevalence of preventionism in genocide studies, one might consider what the likelihood of finding someone within the genocide studies who studied genocide purely for the scientific satisfaction of knowing about it.

It can also been seen in a communal perspective, these two societies Hutus and Tutsis have lived by one another for centuries and the genocide ruined the peace that was kept amongst them.

Lastly, it can be seen from a governmental point of view, both from the United Nations view as well as the government that was set in place in Africa in that time period.A mark of maturity in the development of a field of study is when those who work within the field engage in reflexive projects, by casting a critical eye not just on the phenomena they study, but on themselves as active producers of knowledge.This essay represents a first step toward what might be called “the sociology of genocide studies.” While there are many things about the organization of the field that one could focus on, I offer here an analysis of the idea of prevention in genocide studies.This is not to say, of course, that genocide is a social construction.It is all too real, which is the very raison d’etre for genocide studies in the first place.What you could do, is explain the difference between the Tutsis and the Hutus and why they were separate groups.This will help the reader to further understand the historical tensions between both groups.This belief in prevention, I refer to as preventionism.It is a fundamental ideology within genocide studies, one which offers legitimacy and relevance to the field and offers a certain political legitimacy for the field.I offer some theoretical and empirical reflections on the problems and prospects of the prevention of genocide in the early twenty-first century.While scholars in the field vary in their theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of genocide, even a cursory glance at the field indicates that there is a strong and widely shared belief in which holds that: 1. that a fundamental goal of genocide studies is to offer understandings of genocide which will be useful and, indeed, necessary for the prevention of genocide.


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