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This football team is always comprised of men who use the sport to demonstrate their masculinity through the smashing With few exceptions, women have proven that they really are no different than men when it comes to their abilities to participate in activities that used to be reserved for the masculine and the "strong" as opposed to the feminine and the "weak." Only recently have activities, such as football, begun to present themselves as attractive sports for young girls wishing to participate in something athletic.

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The roles of parents, peers and the media are imperative in this construction, especially in the area of sport.

Sport is an integral aspect of life, and is an important issue in childhood and adolescence.

Women should not be receiving half the amount that a men’s team gets just because their sports are less ‘popular’ than men’s.

A school’s main objective may be to promote the men’s team first, to get out of a deficit.

Gender in Sports In high schools and junior high schools across the country the importance of interscholastic sports competitions is strongly demonstrated to the students.

They see the rewards and accolades given to the accomplished athletes, not only at these levels, but at the collegiate and professional levels as well.Although it is not required for schools to comply, funding for women’s teams have not been equal either.Money is usually a problem with many things in life, one of them also happens to be gender equality.Children are socialized into their respective genders from the clothes they wear, to toys, magazines and from parents dressing infant girls in pink, and boys in blue (Thorne, 1993, p.2).Children's gender constructions are very strongly influenced by prominent figures; parents, teachers and other adults.It is therefore inevitable that a child entering the first years of schooling will already have acquired notions of what it is to be male or female.Sport plays an important role in society, particularly within a school environment.Then they may be able to finance the women’s team with the money they make from the men’s sporting events. It would take years to pay off a deficit and then sufficiently finance the female athletic programs.Numerical equality would take a vast quantity of public tax money in addition to the financial assistance that now pays for most of women’s sports.Education and mass media are powerful agents of socialization and play influential roles in the construction of masculinity and femininity.Yet these could be the agents that break down these images and promote change within our society.


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