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It’s either because of Sats, social media, poor parenting, bad teachers or maybe because they’re precious snowflakes.Whatever the reason, they’re feeling the […] A few weeks ago, I got lost in Andy Tharby’s excellent blog posts on knowledge acquisition and literature here: https://reflectingenglish.Discuss this view of the Great GAtsby to iluminate your understanding. Say 'In the mysterious novel 'Great Gatsby' Nick proves he is involved in events....however he also (say something that proves he is reliable) then you're giving 2 points, one for him being reliable and one against him being reliable, that's an argument.

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A premise might be something like: In Poem 1 (19xx) and Poem 2 (19xx), it is clear that Ted Hughes and Slyvia Plath have different views of children; the former thinks they are smelly cretins and the latter thinks they are a joy to behold. In your introduction you will highlight the argument.

As in you will say what both people say about Children, and then you will indicate the direction of your essay and summarise the main points of your argument (that will later become the topic sentances of your main paragraphs) You should also Juxtapose 2 critics views on the matter, and add in any contextual points if it seems relevant!

· Use PETAL o Point o Evidence (this does not have to be a quote) o Technique o Analysis of effect o Link to question.

There will be a picture stimulus with a task and another option of a descriptive or narrative task.

My teacher said I should write it as an argument" - what am I supposed to be argueing against/for? You must include in your response detailed critical discussion of "Morning Song" and one other poem by Plath." I'm a newbie to AS Level essays (this is my first one) so can someone give me an example of how I would write the introduction? What your teacher means when they say write it as an argument, is that you should include a premise in your introduction.

My teacher said I should write it as an argument" - what am I supposed to be argueing against/for? If the question asks you to compare the ways in which Plath and Hughes write about children, then you should naturally conclude something about the way in which both of these write about children; logically, because the question asks you to compare them then it is more likely that they either differ a lot or they are quite similar, which makes it easier.

Hi Bernice, sorry that you did not like one of the tasks in the pack.

The intention of the task is to help students avoid regaling the entire plot, and get used to condensing key information to make relevant points of analysis instead.

This is a preparatory task for the more advanced skills of essay writing.

We hope you would find other activities in the pack more helpful for your students.


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