Gantt Chart Business Plan

Mind View), it will allow you to enter data as you develop the plan, saving time later.

Make sure your plan is as complete as possible and its assumptions are realistic.

Gantt charts are widely used in business to describe and monitor all kinds of projects according to the rules of project management.

In today's world they are usually created by computer applications, such as Microsoft® Project, Primavera Project Planner® and Mind View.

The first thing you will need before setting up a Gantt chart is a detailed project plan.

A project plan is a series of interdependent tasks that need to be performed in a particular order.

When linking tasks you can add a lead or lag time to extend a link backwards or forwards so that the successor task starts earlier or later than it otherwise would.

For a default 'Finish to Start' link, this either introduces an overlap (lead time), so that the successor task starts before its predecessor ends, or it introduces a delay (lag time) that makes the successor task start some time after its predecessor ends.

Conversely, if a task is delayed, all the tasks that depend on it are automatically rescheduled, which may or may not impact the overall end date of the project.

By using the Gantt display you can build and manage complete project plans in this standard, well-defined format.


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