Gambling Research Paper

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We will provide harm-minimising insights for policy, inform guidelines for treatment interventions, and drive discourse in the public arena as technologies change over time. Alex Blaszczynski, Melanie Hartmann, Lanhowe Chen, and Michelle Beckett Project description: The Chaplaincy Program has recently come to a finish.

Data collected suggests that having a dedicated ambassador onsite at gaming venues adds value to club culture.

We strive to better understand the psychology of gambling and minimise gambling-related harms in the community.

We collaborate with consumers, industry partners, government and NGOs to apply our research in the real world.

Our multi-disciplinary collaboration will draw together perspectives from clinical psychology, public health, ethics, economics, social sciences (e.g., media and technology), neuroscience, and psychiatry for a comprehensive understanding at both the conceptual and applied levels of problematic risk-taking behaviours and decision-making involving emerging technologies.

On the conceptual level, we will define problematic risk-taking involving emerging technologies in terms of its social determinants, associated harms, and outcomes.

Not only has our research led to new, more effective treatment, but we have also had an impact on how governments think about and regulate gambling, how industry implements gambling practices and how a range of stakeholders measure and conceptualise gambling-related harm. This project aims to shed light on how specific online environmental cues can impact risk taking.

This will enhance our understanding of how websites can encourage risk taking and steps that can be taken to reduce associated harms such as cybercrime, overspending, and oversharing personal information, which is highly important in this digital age. Gainsbury is interested in working with students who wish to conduct research in this area and is available as a Ph D Supervisor.

Gaining a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the psychological and neural bases underlying the way individuals make decisions involving emerging technologies will allow us to develop a more robust theory of problematic risk-taking behaviour involving such technologies.

We will apply this understanding to develop frameworks that promote better decision-making.


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