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The more we know about technology, the better equipped we are to continue the technical progress without endangering ourselves.

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Because of so much attention, an argumentative essay on Economics must have a captivating thesis, - no matter whether it is your major or not.

You can choose one of the topics from the list that follows: These are not just topics about a healthy lifestyle, although you can make a point of it, too.

It is fascinating and, at the same time, dangerous, - just like the real world is.

So, no wonder that we want to explore it from different angles and students might research it in their essays.

Not to get lost in the multitude of options, you can turn to the following list of appropriate topics: Initially, social media were used to find and communicate with people one already knows.

Today, this is the world on new possibilities, exciting acquaintances, and sharing any information with the world.

As it is the case with any other type, writing an argumentative essay relies on exercising three major skill groups: No student in the world can master those without persistence and regular practice.

These efforts will pay off when you have to do with various reports and speeches in your future career.

There are some good topic examples for you to consider: Technology may be considered the blessing by some people or a potential danger by others.

But everyone will agree, - it will not go anywhere.


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