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Generally, the mood of the picture is suppressing and overwhelming, which is being majorly achieved by the predominant hues of the painting.The latter are dirty white, grey, dark blue and dark green.

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Being autobiographical, “Two Fridas” became the result of the artist’s pain and personal tragedy of divorce from Diego Rivera.

The picture was managed in 1939 in oil and is being accepted as early Mexican surrealism [Davis, p.7].

There is no question that she was an extraordinary personality.

Her approach to depicting physical pain and emotional complexity along with her interest in self-portraiture has fueled the myth that her paintings are illustrations of her life events in chronological order rather than allegorical works that spring from the personal, as well as mediated engagements with political and cultural trends.

In contrast, the other Frida wears European dress and represents the woman Frida has become on divorcing her husband.

The viewer may notice that both Fridas have open hearts and interlacing bloodlines.

She enrolled at Mexico City’s prestigious National Preparatory School in 1922 where she was one of only thirty-five women among the 2000 students; early on, her aim was to study medicine.

In 1925 she was involved in a traffic accident that ended her formal studies. Early works demonstrate intellectual curiosity about avant-garde innovations, combined with the deliberately naïve style of painting in vogue in postrevolutionary Mexico and elsewhere that drew inspiration from folk art and provincial and nonacademic painting.

She is known for her self-portraits, which may appear straightforward and narrative, but throughout her career she employed allegory and complex symbolism.

1954) is one of the world’s most widely recognized artists, that attention is often focused more on her dramatic life story than on the complexity of her intellect and artistic production.


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