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As for the TTh S1S2, my mother tends to wake up earlier since the hospital she goes to is quite far from the others.She starts at five in the morning and cooks us breakfast.Instead of leaving one recipe behind, she leaves two due to these days being the busiest of the week and she tends to go home at around one in the morning.

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Even as a busy mother, she never forgets to regularly check up on us and if she is lucky that her morning work is done before ten hits, and then she goes home to rest a bit, cooks and eats lunch with us and then leaves another recipe for dinner before starting her clinic at two in the afternoon.

Lastly, once she is done she goes home and spends the night catering to her kids and resting while always being ready for any emergency case.

Furthermore, THe S1S2 are also the days she assists OB GYNs so majority of her time is already eaten until the afternoon.

When lunch time hits, hers specifically two in the afternoon, she takes that short resting period in order to check up on us by calling my dad, and us siblings.

Recommended activities include reading, meditation and game-playing, along with the odd beer.

Eating the right foods helps, particularly Omega 3 fatty acids found in, say, salmon and walnuts.

Her weeks are divided into these two groups due to her working in different hospitals and clinics, a total of six which is another reason why she treats so many patients.

So for MWF, my mother has an early start of around seven in the morning.

Studies show that early risers tend to be good at making plans, while those who work late into the night enjoy more divergent thinking.

Many famous creative people produced their works while managing a day-job or other family commitments.


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