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El pensamiento crítico (la aplicación de métodos científicos y del razonamiento lógico) constituye la base para resolver problemas y tomar decisiones con eficacia.El pensamiento crítico nos permite evitar escollos frecuentes, verificar la validez de nuestras creencias y suposiciones y corregir las distorsiones que pueden haberse producido en nuestros procesos mentales.Most professions these days require more than general intelligence.

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This writing course introduces students to discourse, research, and research writing for the purpose of proposing solutions to problems.

Rather than learning about these subjects in the abstract, students will learn by engaging with local problems and issues in their communities.

It includes both paid and free resources to help you learn Critical Thinking and these courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.

The process of thinking is much more important for efficient execution than we give it credit for.

Participants will learn how to critically navigate, evaluate and produce information in open, online, and social media settings.

Never before has the need for News Literacy been more urgent.In this course, you will learn the importance of critical thinking, the difference between logic and argumentation, understand how the human mind works and more.The focus in the lessons is on the concepts that are practically crucial and encountered almost on a daily basis.Critical thinking – the application of scientific methods and logical reasoning to problems and decisions – is the foundation of effective problem solving and decision making.Critical thinking enables us to avoid common obstacles, test our beliefs and assumptions, and correct distortions in our thought processes.Gain confidence in assessing problems accurately, evaluating alternative solutions, and anticipating likely risks.We currently face unprecedented challenges on a global scale.These problems do not neatly fall into disciplines. Join us on this epic journey of 13.8 billion years starting at the Big Bang and travelling through time all the way to the future.Discover the connections in our world, the power of collective learning, how our universe and our world has evolved from incredible simplicity to ever-increasing complexity.This course prepares learners to empower themselves through metaliteracy in a connected world.Metaliteracy promotes critical thinking and self-reflection to consume, create, and share information with others.


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