Five Paragraph Essay On The American Dream

Five Paragraph Essay On The American Dream-54
For example, securing a good job requires proper education which is expensive besides seeking relevant human relation skills that form part of the dream.However, this dream is accessible due to the available opportunities as well as ways to improve on a career.

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For instance, many rich Americans have achieved their dreams in unexpected ways.

A good example is Oprah Winfrey who is one of the gorgeous women on earth pursued her American dream despite her humble background.

She was an orphan who was raised by her grandmother in poverty.

On a separate note, Kevin Garnett struggled from a street, but his love for games made him a professional basketball player in the USA while Tupac Shakur who had no home became a famous rapper. On the same note, people have equal opportunities for employment due to education systems that are not discriminative.

This quote attests that achieving American dream requires hard work and perseverance.

The American dream can also be achieved through other means apart from attaining education.

People from different countries love to be in America hence most of the immigrants are flocking the nation.

Others usually feel disappointed when they are denied visas to relocate to America either to be permanent citizens or for education purposes.

All these activities happen because people want to achieve the American dream.

Attaining American dream requires a career that is to be achieved amidst struggle.


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