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As such, we will simply do what is comfortable which can be a gray and muted existence filled with the absence of passion.Dante speaks candidly and uncomfortably about mediocrity when he says that, “this miserable way is taken by the sorry souls of those who lived without disgrace and without praise.” In an effort to prevent failure, we may inadvertently sacrifice truly living.

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Stop the Slop is whatever we choose to make of it, but I see it as another opportunity to see the fear in my life diminish into a puddle of blood and sweat on the floor (which must be properly wiped down and sanitized of course).

A blond woman in a hot pink spandex tank hoists a sledgehammer over her shoulders, then slams it down with a dull thud onto the big tire in front of her.

Fitness culture couldn’t have changed more significantly since the late ’60s.

Back then, residents of my small Southern hometown would spot my father, an early jogger, and yell out of their car windows, “Keep running, hippie!

Too many hours in my own life have been consumed with fear and mediocrity, and it simply isn’t worth it. In fact I think there is only one expectation worth having – to live the life that has been given to us and strive for excellence in everything even if it means experiencing failure.

There is nothing magical about these thirty days – nothing that can’t be undone in one week of normalcy.I’ve been trying not to stare, but it’s a strange spectacle, this John Henry workout of theirs, hammering away in front of a women’s fitness center, just a few doors down from a smoke shop and a hair salon.It looks exhausting, and more than a little dangerous.With low expectations, it’s easy to feel like we have accomplished something, even if that something was never that difficult to begin with – no challenge and very little reward.Truthfully, setting low expectations is just one way of saying to ourselves that we are content with mediocrity, which is a profane term that means we have made the choice never to experience the fullness of the life that has been laid out for us.” a woman bellows at them, even as they gasp each time they raise their hammers, each time they let them fall.As one woman pauses to wipe the sweat from her eyes, she spots me studying her.Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons once painted exercise as something fun and faintly sexy — a lighthearted trip to a sweaty nightclub in your own living room — but fitness today isn’t supposed to be easy.The “Abdomenizer” and “8-Minute Abs” videos, which practically suggested that exercise could be squeezed in between bites of your hamburger, are now quaint punch lines.” These days there aren’t that many joggers in my Los Angeles neighborhood, but every other block there’s another fitness center offering boot-camp classes or Brazilian jiujitsu, with people inside punching, kicking and yelling at one another like drill sergeants.Jim Fixx’s freewheeling running disciples have been replaced by packs of would-be Navy SEALs, sprinting up sandy hillsides with backpacks full of rocks strapped to their shoulders.


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