First Teaching Experience Essay

Sitting in my classroom, I didn't know about the terrible calamity that besieged my nation.The first signal was the fire possibly believe this perfect guy could be mine, I didn’t deserve someone this good.The children I have worked with both fit into the age range of birth to six years.

Both of the young girls that I tutor and babysit have parents who are authoritative.

The parents provide a loving and supporting home environment, yet they have very high expectations and standards for their children.

Authoritative parents use more positive reinforcements like compliments rather than harsh punishment like spanking.

Parenting styles have an important effect both the child’s personal development and education.

Using another strategy suggested by my subject mentor I began to use verbal reminders of timings throughout the lesson (see week 11, paragraph 2).

‘Think about how people work – we are always more efficient when we have a deadline to meet – and use this to your advantage in the classroom.’ (Cowley, 2009: 50) I found that students were much more responsive with this tactic in place and it also worked to help keep behaviour under control.

First, I am going to discuss the parenting practices of the children I work with.

Parenting styles have been described as the collection of parents’ behaviors which create an atmosphere of parent-child interaction across situations (Menon, 2013).

It seemed too foolish at first glance to say I loved him, but now in my mind I was beginning to accept this word to describe the feelings that I strengthen ethnic identity"(Class notes).

Race is attributed by society, formulated from experience and bias rather than from fact(Class notes).


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