Film Studies Coursework

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A shocking story in a thriller film is an effective aspect in gripping audiences to a lot of social issues and true stories, the actors try to capture the unfortunate roles that ordinary people endure through.

We believe the character we created fits well in our thriller; our target audience would be incredibly sympathetic of his mental illness.

The reason for using concentrating on bright and dark scenes depends on the situation happening in the scene.

We believe we managed to experiment with lighting to portray mostly on the mood of the main character and to preferably indicate the increase of tension.

Our film features the ‘hooded figure’ that comes up unexpectantly to bring the main character to his knees.

It links well with the movie title ‘Monitored’ explaining how the hooded figure watches over the protagonist, however, he doesn't know that he isn't receiving hallucinations at all.To fulfil the film’s expectations of our film’s category, we used the enlistment of the typical conventions of a thriller genre and ticked the ones we used for the film.The rest of the unpicked criteria will be dealt with in the editing or for a possible re-shoot.The fade transitions effect we used are plotted in several moments to build up the calm feel before the drastic change of transpiring suspense.The titles in my opinion were added in a style to fit with the thriller genre.The main error in our film is the 180 degree rule; all we had to do was to switch one shot within the specified 180 degrees where we were shooting a scene in our preliminary task.These are good to know, so that we can improve on any future projects, including our main task.Today we handed in our film after completion to show both our media teachers so they could evaluate what we have done well, and what we needed to improve on.From what we gathered our best part in this film is our use of lighting along with some exposure effects, which makes our film appear gritty.The main group that is portrayed in the main task is the males in their late-teen.Our main task shows a stereotypical teenager with a certain attitude from lines he delivers; it fits quite with the 'youth' image as suggested by the general media.


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