Fidel Castro Essay

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In conclusion we can see that Fidel Castro had a major impact on Cuba.

I feel that Fidel being dictator was not good for his country.

As I speak to you now, the first question which came to my mind was why a man who is just a citizen like you all should have such a great debt of gratitude to the people, for all the signs of affection given. The only explanation possible is that the people know I am not interested in public office and that I will not sacrifice one iota of the national interests of my sense of duty for all the premierships in the world.

The people would never demand the return of a man who was ambitious only for his post, for if our country is tired of anything it is tired of ambitious men, men incapable of sacrificing themselves for the national interests.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s his government took major steps in improving Cuba’s education and health care.

This is one example of the few things he accomplished.Fidel is a Cuban revolutionary who took control of Cuba in the year 1959 and he was the one that turned Cuba into a Communist dictatorship. Before he became dictator of Cuba he had to go to prison for being the leader of an attack on Batista.He was also exiled from Mexico as well as the United States.A people never supports a government without reason; a people never supports leaders without a reason.For those abroad who defame us, to those who speak of democracy and slander us, we could offer no better argument than the million and more Cubans who have gathered here today.As a result of this decision the United States would no longer buy sugar from Cuba. This resulted in Fidel’s loss of popularity which therefore made the people think he didn’t deserve as much power as he had.Although Castro did many negative things he also did a few positive ones.In the year 1956 he returned from being exiled and he led a Cuban rebellion in the south east part of Cuba. These forces were known as the Twenty Sixth of July Movement.Fidel became very popular among the people of Cuba.Could we have overthrown tyranny to continue small politics?We overthrew the tyranny to make the revolution triumph.


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