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After reading your story, a topic may just jump out at you, or you may have recognized a pattern or identified a problem that you’d like to think about in more detail. A pattern can be the recurrence of certain kinds of imagery or events.

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Interpretations of fiction would not be interesting if the meanings of the stories were clear to everyone who reads them.

Thankfully (or perhaps regrettably, depending on your perspective) the stories we’re asked to interpret in our classes are a good bit more complicated than most parables.

Either way, you’ll need to generate ideas to use in the paper—even with an assigned topic, you’ll have to develop your own interpretation.

Let’s assume for now that you are choosing your own topic.

They use characters, settings, and actions to illustrate issues that have no easy resolution.

They show different sides of a problem, and they can raise new questions.

These details might help me interpret the way characters think about themselves and about each other, as well as allow me to infer what the author might have wanted her reader to think by using the Bible as a frame of reference.

On another subject, I also notice that the book repeatedly refers to types of education.

In Frankenstein, Victor works day and night to achieve his goal of bringing life to the dead, but once he realizes his goal, he is immediately repulsed by his creation and runs away. Is there something wrong with his creation, something wrong with his goal in the first place, or something wrong with Victor himself?

The book doesn’t give us a clear answer but seems to invite us to interpret this problem.


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