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As the conqueror and owner of Europe, Hitler’s Germany would have had the resources to dominate the Mediterranean, to control the Middle East, and threaten the Western Hemisphere.Perhaps that empire would have collapsed from the pressures of over-expansion, but even a relatively brief Nazi rule would have been horrible.

As the conqueror and owner of Europe, Hitler’s Germany would have had the resources to dominate the Mediterranean, to control the Middle East, and threaten the Western Hemisphere.

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The Second World War was the A unique feature of that war was the first significant historical connection between a British prime minister and an American president.

The Great Depression, and Roosevelt’s response to it, fixed his place in history.

Their “getting to know you” phase shifted into high gear when Churchill became Prime Minister on , now signing his messages, “Former Naval Person.” By June 14th, the Germans had taken Paris, which the French had declared an open city.

Eight days later, France signed an armistice that left Germany in possession most of France, along with the bulk of Western Europe.

There has been no greater threat to civilization in the 20th century than Nazi Germany.

The immediate danger—military, economic, cultural—was to European civilization, but a Nazi-controlled Europe would have threatened much more than just the West.From the outset, they understood that the full defeat of Hitler required the Red Army, a reality that gave Stalin bargaining leverage.Moreover, they recognized that victory would make the Soviet Union a major player in the postwar world.In hindsight, it is clear that Britain and its Dominions survived the first eighteen months of the war largely alone, Canada, New Zealand and Australia contributing more than their share.What the United States contributed, at Roosevelt’s behest, was hope—the possibility that the Americans would one day enter full-fledged and turn the tide.Before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, Churchill consistently sought to bring the United States into the war.Churchill himself spoke of “courting” the President.However much Americans may have credited FDR for his New Deal policies, the two-term “tradition” and voter fatigue would likely have prevented him from running for third term in office—had the world remained at peace.They had met briefly in 1917 and Churchill had entertained the President’s son at Chartwell and had sent FDR his A week later, the president suggested that Churchill and the prime minister (Chamberlain) “keep me in touch personally” using the diplomatic (i.e.Yet before the war, Churchill, despite his huge public persona, seemed destined to be remembered as just another of minor ministers who populated British governments, though his writings would have raised him above the pack. A personal challenge can be large, but it is essentially private.World War II provided that public challenge for Churchill, and offered Roosevelt an additional opportunity for historical prominence.


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