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Options range from non-GMO and heirloom varieties of traditional crops, to vegetables and crops like cereal rye that can also serve as a cover crop to prevent erosion during winter months. Experts estimate entering into a Midwest grain farming business with no family backing could require upwards of million. Even a combination of owned and rented land at today’s prices quickly reaches an astronomical number. Farmers must be able to weather drought and market fluctuations as they work through day-to-day and year-to-year operations.

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Many hail the romanticism of farming, but in reality, farming is a business, in most cases, a multimillion dollar business, and one that often involves multiple generations or partners.

Managing a farm business goes beyond the annual profit/loss.

It’s more than controlling costs or even knowing how to get the most benefit from tax laws.

Here you will find insight into some of the key issues about the business end of farming, from marketing strategies to personnel management and passing the operation to the next generation. Weather, market fluctuations, family, and production issues all have the potential to put a kink in even the best-laid plans.

The external skills of a consultant, bank manager, accountant or solicitor could help, if required, and you should have open and honest conversations with your family, business partners and employees.

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There are also organisations to give support, if needed.

Systems Thinking in Farm Business Management Strategic Thinking in Farm Business Management Entrepreneurial Thinking in Farm Business Management Competitive Thinking in Farm Business Management Learning as a Competitive Advantage in Farm Business Management Filtering Information for Decision making Business planning is the first step to ensuring profitability and long term success for your business.

It serves as the foundation to guide a Farm Manager in decision-making and strategic thought processes to start or grow their business.

Once capital is exhausted, farmers can quickly find themselves in a tight spot with their banker.

Sometimes an outside source is needed to take a fresh look at the farm’s situation.


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