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Vietnam, Minnesota by Pete Hautman- 2 stars A story about him befriending a Vietnam vet and going way too fast in a speeding car.

Vietnam, Minnesota by Pete Hautman- 2 stars A story about him befriending a Vietnam vet and going way too fast in a speeding car.After Teen Years- This guy has written a lot of novels in the YA and MG genre.

I have a theory that if I know what an author writes like and follow them on social media then I’ll be more likely to enjoy reading snippets of their teen lives and experiences.

Since I knew almost none of these authors, I’m putting stock into that theory for this anthology (I’ll test that theory with Bully later on).

After Teen Years- She’s a mother of an autistic child and collaborated on a project about what it’s like.

Ambushed by Andrew Gottlieb- 2.5 stars The story focuses on Gottlieb’s experiences working on a painting team during the summer as a teenager.

Girl Fight by Joey Franklin- 3 stars Interesting perspective on what a young man thought about the label of “fat” and dating a fat girl.

After Teen Years- Franklin made his debut in 2015 with a collection of essays surrounding what it’s like to be a middle-aged white man with balding hair. After Teen Years- This man writes a lot of essays, and children’s stories. Polypropylene by Ali Catt- 4 stars Pretty sad that this captures how a lot of teen girls treat each other. By Carrie Mesrobian- 3 stars A pretty funny story about a party and a party failure.This collection is huge- 84 stories- if I counted correctly and most of the essays are brief.I think the longest one was ten or twelve pages so it’s hard to judge writing style completely for every story, but I had my trusty notebook and pink pen handy while reading and was able to chronicle all my thoughts while reading.After Teen Years- Debut author of a novel called Chased by Fame.I Don’t Believe You by Clint Edwards- 2.5 stars An embarrassing story about Edwards crapping his pants in high school. After Teen Years- Debut author of a collection humorous nonfiction piece on parenting and marriage. There's something so beautiful about reading other people's memories and their perspectives on love and on being a teenager. The title and the cover really caught my attention. I don't know if I'm stupid and I just couldn't get the 'symbol' that the story teller is trying to say but, I really don't get it.I haven’t read any essay anthologies before this, but I know that several out there, like Bully, exist and are highly acclaimed in hopes that young readers will pick them up seeing high profile authors’ names on the covers.He also wrote Fat Vampire, which his only story I ever heard of.Breathless by Heather Sellers- 2 stars Apparently this essay touches on all the things that I consider to be very unsafe.


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