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I have never felt that I am inferior to my friends; whenever we went out, I always had enough money to pay for what I ordered.

It is something that I appreciated on the part of my parents. My parents have always supported me financially even at their expense.

I am proud to be part of such an amazingly fabulous family that provides me with wisdom, joy, and understanding.

My father has always told me his opinion on my personal choices; I appreciate his valuable advice because it helped me shape my personality in a correct way.

She gave me hugs when I felt down and advised me once I had no idea where I was heading to.

The emotions and psychological comfort my sister gives me are amazingly special, as they motivate me to study and make the best out of any situation and opportunity.My family members, mainly my parents, have always been there for me when I needed them.Actually, I always remember how they provided me with enough money to buy my necessary needs and to pay for my college fees.She is only 2 years younger than me, but she is wise and intelligent.She has always shown me the right way when I am clueless.However, it should relate the significance of one’s relationship with their family and its positive impact on them, which could be illustrated through real examples from one’s own experience with family issues and situations. So, below is a guide on how to write a perfect essay. It might not be the truth that all the people live with their family members or see them daily, yet it still has a positive impact to even hear their voice or meet them every now and then.My family is the source of my happiness and self-realization. If I am to talk about my family, I think that there is no getting away from acknowledging their financial support, moral help, and their efforts for my continuous personal improvement.All of my family members have contributed to the continuous improvements in my life.I should admit that thanks to them, I have acquired the ability to use visualization.They always wanted me to look good, so my mother used to insist that I buy new clothes and accessories. I still remember when my mother refused to buy a new pair of shoes for her just to buy me a leather jacket that I liked so much.When I think about the moral support that I have got from my family, I feel indebted to my sister, in particular.


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