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I have not become a successful football player for Hinsdale Central by emphasizing practice on the things I already do well.I evaluate film of previous games and practices and search for little mistakes that could make or break a play.Failure: The Key to Success I used to fear failure.

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The producers reached me out and told me to audition.

I filed for a leave of absence and shocked my colleagues when they saw me on television.

I learn from these errors and fix them in practice to get it right for next week’s game.

Every week there is something to be learned from my mistakes on the field and I believe that each week I become a better player because I failed the week before.

Singing after a group project became a part of our routine, until we started singing our favorite songs during college.

I decided to join for an audition to be a part of the choir club in our college.As a young professional, I enjoyed the company of my new colleagues while accomplishing daily tasks with the best of our abilities (Dingle, 2014).One day, I was busy navigating online to research on a product that I was going to promote as part of my professional activity.A singing advertisement popped out in my screen, inviting anyone who is interested in an audition to become the next big singing star.At first, I was reluctant, but then I applied on the last day.When our glee club master requested us to give a waiver to our parents, the excitement began, stating that we are going to compete for a local glee competition and will have the chance to go to the regionals.At the competition, we won and represented our community for the regionals.Our musical coach went berserk upon returning to school and violently throwing chairs because he refuses to accept our failure to win the regionals.Most of us thought that that was the end of our glee club career because we all feel betrayed after the competition.Through time and experience I have learned to accept failure, appreciate failure and even welcome and embrace failure.I now believe that failure is a necessary building block to eventually succeed in anything I do.


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