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Narratives surrounding the anniversary will be discussed through a deconstructive narrative reading, guided by a poststructural framework from postcolonial- and feminist perspectives, which engage with nationhood and politics of belonging.The aim of this thesis is to open up imaginaries that speak about Nordic coloniality in relation to the Indigenous Sámi.

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A different recent trend in explaining morphophonological exceptionality by looking at the phonotactic regularities characteristic of classes of stems based on their morphological behavior.

Studies have shown that speakers are aware of these regularities, and use them as cues when they have to decide what class a novel stem belongs to.

A central conclusion of this thesis is that Nordic narratives of exceptionality work to promote an understanding of an already equal Finland where others can be made to belong through multicultural assimilation.

This logic is applied to the Sámi to show how narratives work in order to silence the presence and history of Nordic coloniality.

Being a leader and advocate in the school setting with other professionals is only the first step.

It is also necessary to be inclusive and encourage peer students with and without disabilities to treat the student with special needs with respect, dignity, and like an equal including him or her in peer events.These sublexical phonotactic regularities have already been shown to be present in some exceptional patterns vowel harmony, but many questions remain open: how is learning the static generalization linked to learning the allomorph selection facet of vowel harmony?How much does the effect of consonants on vowel harmony matter, when compared to the effect of vowel-to-vowel correspondences?The article mentions utilizing peer tutors which is great, I would also encourage using students without disabilities as peer mentors is one way to encourage positive interactions between peers with and without special needs and help teach students without disabilities about their peers with disabilities.A mentor can help with more than the academic side of being a student but be a social integration tool and partner in peer advocacy.** MPEd in the Fields of ISL and TESOL begins in September and January. MPEd in Educational Leadership focused in Aboriginal Education starts in July. It is necessary for professionals to reflect on any biases they may have and address these before working with individuals with special needs.A professional must believe that the student can be successful regardless of disability in order for the student to truly believe in his or her own ability to achieve. D.)--New York University, 2016.; Publication Number: AAT 10192255; ISBN: 9781369332643; Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 78-05(E), Section: A.; 294 p.Vowel harmony has been of great interest in phonological research.


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