Examples Of Problem Solving In The Workplace

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Demonstrating that you are a great problem solver is not always easy, as there is only so much you can include in your CV.

However, one of the most common interview questions is designed to assess this skill.

The Collins English dictionary defines it as: the act or process of finding solutions to problems, especially by using a scientific or analytical approach.

It is a vital everyday skill that you will need to have for your personal and professional life.

Having all the facts can really help you understand a problem better and even identify where something went wrong.

While trusting your instinct, and proposing a solution is fine, it’s wise to have some facts in your back pocket to help you convince your team, or your boss.This will not only help you handle it with more confidence, but it will also show that you are proactive, and not afraid to consult your seniors.Perhaps the problem you are facing has happened before.Luckily, there are many ways you can develop the skill, and learning how to demonstrate it can prove invaluable at job interviews.Acquiring a new skill doesn’t have to feel like work.So, what do you say when an interviewer asks: ‘Give us an example of a situation where you faced a difficult problem?’ It can be very tempting to make up a situation, to try and make yourself sound like the master of problem-solving.After all, they have more responsibilities, as well as the authority to tackle any issues that may arise.While it’s not very likely that you will be asked to find a solution to a major business issue on your first day of a new job, the way you handle even the smallest of problems will demonstrate to an employer how well you can deal with larger ones.Even if there is no solution, the way you handle the consequences and minimise the negative impact will make you feel more powerful and able to handle any adversities. It is actually welcomed by many employers, especially while you are still learning the ropes.Listen to what people with more experience have to say, and then try to figure out if you can apply their advice to solve your problem.


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