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All problem-solving strategies depend on successful communication. What's more— Other research shows that of all employability skills, problem-solving skills are the ones that managers find insufficiently developed among the staff. This is why candidates and employees with highly developed problem-solving skills are so desirable. After all, life is one big problem-solving skill training!When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. The reason for this is that employees are often afraid that the solutions they propose will lead to the problem... If you're wondering how to improve your problem-solving skills— The answer is simple. But— You don't seem to be too happy with the results if you're reading this.

As you’re creating your resume, these examples may help you compile a list of problem-solving skills that you have: This is pretty self-explanatory.

To solve a problem you must be able to analyze it from a couple of angles.

Plus— Take another look at the job posting to see if the employer is looking for some other key skills as well.

In this particular case, strong communication skills were of utmost importance.

Sometimes finding the right solution will require you to step out of your comfort zone, think outside the box, and push the envelope.

This is only possible when your creative thinking skills are sharp as razors.

You must be able to find and use the right resources, dig deep enough to extract the data you need, and find the right people to bounce your ideas off of.

Research skills are an essential component of the problem-solving skill set.

We can define a problem as any discrepancy between “what is” and “what we’d like it to be.” The problem-solving process would involve analyzing the situation, understanding it, and coming up with an action plan.

In fact— You can come up with several possible action plans based on your assumptions about what the root cause is. If you have a good understanding of the situation and its implications, you’ll be able to decide on the right course of action more effectively and efficiently.


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