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I was previously a pediatric oncology nurse and found that preparing families to care for their loved ones at home should be one of our main priorities as healthcare professionals.While implementing my project I learned just how important this notion truly was.As part of this initiative, I have also been working to develop a simulation curriculum for pediatric oncology caregivers to gain confidence performing care at home.” Chelsea Anglin Concussions in the pediatric population | Project Chairperson: L.

The last metric reported CRC screening has increased to over 70% for our practice group.” “The decision to use my degree to better the care provided to pediatric oncology patients and their families was something I dreamt of prior to even beginning my graduate studies at the University of Florida.While this is a very brief summary of the project, it identifies major concepts.Screening is not being accomplished and many people may be developing occult CRC.I did a preliminary study that showed our general hospital wide readmission risk calculator was not reliable in neurology and neuro ICU patients.I wanted to develop a tool that would help us to identify our patients that are at high risk of hospital readmission within 30 days in order to identify those patients and be able to develop strategies to reduce and prevent readmission.” “Health promotion has always been a focus of nursing practice and screening for colorectal cancer (CRC) is a national mandate to improve health.Once a child is diagnosed with cancer, it’s often hard for families to conceptualize how to transition from the secluded hospital setting, where nurses and providers are available at a moments notice, to the unfamiliarity of what used to be their home lives.Families have often expressed how terrifying the first few nights at home are after initial diagnosis, especially those whose child has an external central line that needs special care. Pharmacological treatment for depression is somewhat subjective as the data is very hard to interpret and there are 60 different medications available with no published guidelines on selecting a specific drug. News & World Report’s 2019 Best Grad Schools: Doctor of Nursing Practice list announced this spring. As depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide, it’s a significant problem and the mistreatment and mismanagement of this condition has drastic effects.We ask mothers and fathers to become caregivers, medication administers, nutritionists and nurses and we ask this of them often in less than a week.After implementation of my project, I have continued to work with hospital administration to implement a patient and family specific educator whose role will be to prepare patients and their families for life both inside and outside of the hospital throughout their treatment course.


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