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His shoes had several holes that had been patched over with duct tape.His height could not be determined based on how he was sitting.

The middle aged gentleman was ignoring the world around him, concentrating on eating his Grand Slam while scrolling through something on his smart phone intently, only interrupting his reading, but never looking away from his screen, to request more coffee.

The night manager came over frequently to check on the homeless man, to see if he needed anything.

He was sitting, hunched over the table with a cup of coffee between his hands.

He looked as though he had not showered in several days; his clothes were well worn, patched, and dirty.

It discusses the observations made at a specific field site, Denny's, and discuss the physical setting, the background, the manners of dress, and body language of the individuals present, along with the technological dependence of those observed.

Denny's was chosen as the location for this project due to the fact that people from all walks of life and all income ranges frequent the establishment.

He was wearing brown crocs with socks, blue jeaned hemmed shorts and a white polo shirt that was tucked in.

He wore a blue baseball cap with the Miami Dolphins logo. The table on the other side of the students contained a man and a woman who appeared to be in their late twenties or early thirties, both wearing cowboy boots, and Wrangler jeans.

As she went over to her final table, the table with the couple who were holding hands across the table while smoking, they called her closer.

Their heads got real close together and after whispering together, the night manager smiled and left to put in their order, returning with Dr.


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