Ethical Behavior In Organizations Essay

Additionally, Valtine and Fleichman concluded that companies whose employees are conscious of the organisational values typically have formal ethics compliancy programs.

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Creating an ethical organizational environment: How ethical leadership, ethical practices and ethical climate help reduce unethical behavior.

Introduction Ethical behavior is that accepted as morally "good" and "right," as opposed to "bad" or "wrong," in a particular setting.

How Leadership Impacts Organisational Culture Leadership has shown to be an effective management tool in fostering a positive workplace culture, showing to have a direct impact on ethical decision making in modern organisations (Ruiz Palamino et al. This powerful relationship between workplace culture and ethical behavior is explained in Zimbardo’s argument that there are no bad ‘apples’, just bad ‘barrels’.

Zimbardo argues that the environment and contexts of an organisation establishes inherent cultures that promote or discourage moral standards and ethical behavior.

It is believed that formal ethics programs are an effective leadership tool in encouraging ethical conduct and ensuring that employees have a shared understanding of the expectations (Sekerka 2014).

Finally, the essay will discuss the impact of leader’s behaviors on employees outlook and conduct.

This essay will argue that leadership is an integral factor in the development of ethical decision making in modern organisations.

Literature proposes that organisational culture has a strong correlation with ethical behavior within an organisation, suggesting that situational factors such as workplace culture and environments are responsible for influencing behavior (Jones, TM & Ryan, LV 1998).

It is assumed that employees look to the behavior of high level management to understand the informal expectations and conduct within an organisation.

Therefor, fostering an ethically-orientated culture would be dependent on ethical leadership to establish high moral standards (Kelly 1990).


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