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Every print thesis or dissertation should have at least two copies: one for Special Collections coded BOOKBOT/SPEC-OD and one for D. Check the document Departmental designations in call numbers and subject headings to determine how many copies and to which branch location any third copy should belong.In addition, there should also be microfiche copies for print dissertations and for all ETDs. These were provided to us by University Microfilms (UMI) as part of their dissertation service.Here is the basic anatomy of a MARC record for a thesis: At the close of each semester, the Design Library receives print copies of masters theses in the subject areas of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and Art Design. A&D staff enter 'completion date' in the Design Special Projects database. Completed final projects will be passed to Serials for binding. Serials will determine if additional CD/DVDs are needed. Serials staff will send CD/DVD to Preservation for additional copies.1. Use a piggyback barcode for thesis only (accompanying CD/DVD is not barcoded, but place disc in a Tybek envelope)Note: The SCRC copy is the archival copy.

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After successful completion of the final oral examination and no later than 24 hours after you pass, upload your for the Grad School’s Thesis Editor to review.

In addition, each student is responsible for providing two bound hard copies, one for the research advisor and one for the Chemistry Department, submitted to the Graduate Office.

These should receive automatic (XX) call numbers with Class Scheme of MFTHESIS, Library SPECOLL, and home location MICROFORMS.

This class scheme enables the display of a generic note in place of the call number in our public catalog ("Microform NCSU Thesis/Dissertation").

Please be sure to use the standard forms of departmental abbreviations from the document Departmental designations in call numbers and subject headings.

The entire departmental abbreviation goes into the Unicorn call number.Apply constant data entitled “masters projects” (all lower case). Pay close attention to these fields: Reformat, validate, and upload to OCLC. Only the print thesis is checked in/out of book Bot.Note: local fields 099 and 690 will be stripped from the master record in OCLC. Print holdings Print theses and dissertations holdings are generated in the same manner. All Design Special Projects will have a third copy for the Design Library (DESIGN/STACKS).ETDs do not have call number assigned to them; it is fine to leave the automated call number as it is.This is a list of doctorate theses that used Argo data.It likely underestimates the total number of theses published using Argo data, so if you know of a doctorate thesis that is missing, please send [email protected] citation.To learn how to properly cite Argo data, click here.Please DO NOT add |z with a count of microfiches (e.g. Processing preservation copy of microfiche Microfiche Reproduction Example (right click on image to view at higher resolution using "View Image", or double click on image to execute Endeca search)Both ETD and MFTHESIS are used with an AUTO (XX) call number to suppress the display of the call number in the OPAC (not in the staff client) and to instead display a standardized text.Here is an OPAC display for an NCSU dissertation with a preservation microfiche, where the XX call number has been replaced for display purposes Parts of a call number: LD3921 Classification number Tex Department abbreviation B73 Cutter Number All theses and dissertations are assigned the same classification number "LD3921."The departmental abbreviation should be taken from the title page.If you’re on an RA or TA that goes AFTER the date on your original I-20, you must have your I-9 form redone.If you do not have a new I-9 form in the system, you will not be allowed to work.


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