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      From Old English, Cristes maesse “ Christ’s mass,'; was the origin of today’s word Christmas.

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The sole definition of Christmas at one time was, an annual church festival in memory of the birth of Christ.

Now when the word Christmas is mentioned people think about lights, trees, presents, food, friends and family, along with the birth of Christ.

’ Then he heard the class sobbing, and what did he see?

Little Jim had reached up and caught Tom with both arms around his neck.

It goes by the line ”Love All, Spend Less, Give More.” The true essence of Christmas relies not on the gifts which commands you to spend more but on the love and unity that each one of us should build. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts.

A real star was born on Christmas day: Jesus brought light and life into people’s lives.But in all the giving and all the visiting, people are slowly forgetting what the major part of the definition of Christmas.Today Christmas is the celebration of Christ, the celebration of giving, and the celebration of family and friends.“‘Now,’ said the teacher, ‘a law is not good unless there is a penalty attached. ’ “‘Beat him across the back ten times without his coat on,’ came the response from the class. The thief was located—a little hungry fellow, about ten years old. “The little fellow, trembling, came up slowly with a big coat fastened up to his neck and pleaded, ‘Teacher, you can lick me as hard as you like, but please, don’t take my coat off! Just then ‘Big Tom’ jumped to his feet and said, ‘Teacher, if you don’t object, I will take Jim’s licking for him.’ “‘Very well, there is a certain law that one can become a substitute for another. ’ “Off came Tom’s coat, and after five strokes the rod broke!‘We have found the thief and he must be punished according to your rule—ten stripes across the back. The teacher bowed his head in his hands and thought, ‘How can I finish this awful task?Every teacher that we have had here for years has had to take one.’ “‘I will risk it,’ he replied.“The first day of school came, and the teacher appeared for duty.During Christmas, a lot of people go to malls to buy various gifts to be given to their friends and loved ones.People just need to spend more during Christmas season. – traffic jam, growing credit card debts, lots of to-do lists, etc.The story goes like this: “Years ago there was a little one-room schoolhouse in the mountains of Virginia where the boys were so rough that no teacher had been able to handle them.“A young, inexperienced teacher applied, and the old director scanned him and asked: ‘Young fellow, do you know that you are asking for an awful beating?


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