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He formulated a very well organized logistics support by youth formations, he implemented this by recruiting young boys aged six years and above in the army as apprentice warriors.

These young troops were used to carry supplies like food, cooking materials sleeping mats and extra weapons for the main army, while under training to join the main army.

(Hamilton, Carolyn 1998) Shaka Zulu was the most influential leader of the Zulu kingdom, he is widely acknowledged by historians in Africa and the whole world as a greatest leader who united most South Africans tribes in to the Zulu kingdom.

His statesmanship and vigor crowned him as one of the greatest Zulu chieftains.

Shaka Zulus parents were from the same clan and their marriage was against the Zulus laws.

Shaka Zulus and his mother, Nandi were marginalized in the community, and this forced them to escape when Shaka Zulu was six years old and they sought refuge in the neighboring Langeni tribe.

Africans tribal rulers during this time were on civil war, a powerful tribe could raid less resistant tribe and make it part it hence expanding its territory as well taking slaving advantage and conditioning white traders who were visiting Africa that time looking for trading commodities like the Portuguese to give tribute to this particular tribes.

This was in addition the time when white settlers and colonies started exploring Africa.

Shaka Zulu organized his clan and forces into age-grade regimental systems.

(Guttmann, J 2008) Each age-grade was mandated with a particular activity like cattle herding, performing rituals and ceremonies, guarding the camp.


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