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Essays On The Renaissance Period-57 Renaissance means “rebirth” and is seen as a time of intellectual growth and cultural progress.Looking at the major concepts and ideals representedin Renaissance art and literature, what is the degree of originality and “newness” of things produced during the Renaissance?He attempted to emulate ancient Rome’s literary men like Cicero who was highly fluent in the language.

The participants also wanted to eliminate the influence of Victorian society principles that propagated racial discrimination. Women Renaissance in Modern Europe A number of renaissance issues came up in the modern Europe period, especially after the agricultural revolution and following the commencement of industrialization across Europe.

This occurred amidst numerous challenges and divides such as economic and social classes, as well as capabilities and gender roles in society.

Birth of Renaissance As already mentioned, Renaissance is essentially a literary movement of the upper classes.

Writers from that era especially Petrarch, had held an indomitable passion for ancient Rome including classical architecture, art and especially the Latin language.

Renaissance happened as a result of reverence for the classical era mainly ancient Rome, and in the fifteenth century the humanists began to focus on Greek philosophy, art, architecture and literature.

Renaissance culture was essentially a result of product of emulation of the classical philosophy and literature (Wiesner et al., 249).One such case of women renaissances lies in the curiosity that came up amongst women in modern Europe following the recognition of a patriarchal order in society thus women were put in their own unique situation to engage in their desires.This is especially so in England, where women discovered overcame the issue of......reasoning, as propounded in his Novum Organum, or 'New Instrument', tried to replace the methods put forward in Aristotle's Organon, on the other hand, we find that ideas such as Metacognition began to gain ground.Slavery which was a common practice in the Early Middle Ages but ceased in the eleventh century was revived during the Renaissance era more because of lack of workers after Black Death.The import of foreign slaves was legalized in the Italian city Florence (Spielvogel, 345).In northern Europe, humanists focused on bringing back the faith and morality in the values of the Church which got lost mainly after the Black Death tragedy.For many historians, Renaissance era was continuation of the Middle Ages like family remained the most important social recognition of an individual.It is a well-known fact that the period from 1918 till 1937 is considered to be the most influential for African Americans’ cultural and social development.The main goal of the participants of the movement was to change the attitude of African Americans towards themselves, to remind that they have their own cultural identity as the years of slavery and humiliating attitude towards blacks made them forget about their culture.Moreover, in spite of people becoming more materialistic, religion remained an important aspect of lives of both elite class and the common people.For instance, although artists began to get their true recognition worthy of their skills, they were still expected to pay taxes like other common people of the community (Wiesner et al., 269-270).


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