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- What should one do with their legacy, and how should it be put to use. The two main characters that are having a conflict over the piano are Berniece and Boy Willie.In the play “The Piano Lesson”, the Charles' family faces this question, and struggles to find the answer. Boy Willie wants to sell the piano so he can add the proceeds of the sale to the proceeds of selling watermelon’s and buy some land from “Sutter”....

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[tags: Family, Emotion, Piano, Mother] - In the play, The Piano Lesson, music played an important role.

August Wilson’s play The Piano Lesson centers on the trials and triumphs of a family affected by the enslaving of their ancestors and by current racial prejudice....

[tags: racial prejudice, slavery, god, holy spirit] - In The Piano Lesson by August Wilson, Berniece and Boy Willie are siblings who both want the piano that belongs to their family.

She interprets their Mama Ola’s pain by saying, “ ‘Mama Ola polished this piano with her tears for seventeen years. Fortunately, Boy Willie sees everything that Berniece has been trying to tell him.

For seventeen years she rubbed on it till her hands bled..rubbed and cleaned and polished and prayed over it...seventeen years’ worth of cold nights and an empty bed. He finds out about this when Sutter’s ghost came to the Charles’ house who tried to stop him from taking the piano away and started a big chaos.


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