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In the mist of the attack, the hospitals were being bombarded by patients that they could not handle.Nurses were forced to label bodies or lives that were salvageable against lives that soon die.Meanwhile, as the Japanese continue their bombing, there some smaller air fields that had not recognized initially.

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Pearl Harbor The movie Pearl Harbor directed and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer was released in 2001.

This highly praised movie allows the audience to carefully watch a movie that is based on a day that started the United States' involvement in World War II.

The order allowed for the internment of Japanese Americans in various camps located throughout the United States.

The purpose of this essay is to answer the question, “To what extent was the Internment of the Japanese Americans during the Pacific War caused by the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor? Another aim of this essay is to discuss the reliability of sources, and how historians should use them.It appears that the Japanese’s peace talks with the United States was a ploy to set up the most surprising attack that the United States has every experienced.It is clear the attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise and something that Naval Intelligence had at one point hinted of the possibility of such attack occurring.Two months later, on 19 February 1942, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066.This was the response from the United States government to the attack on Pearl Harbor.Since July of 1941 Naval Intelligence hinted of the possibility of such attack.The Japanese deliberately sent radio messaged to confuse the Americans to think that peace was a common vision.The Japanese lost 29 out of 350 planes on their attack on the United States.Strategically, the Japanese attacked the Island of Pearl Harbor, from the northeast.After several months he supposedly dies when shot down by a German aircraft. The movie Pearl Harbor is a depiction of the actual attack from the Japanese on American soil.


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