Essays On The Great Gatsby Characters

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He is the protagonist who gives the name to the story.

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Once he finished serving his country, Gatsby devoted his life to making money and putting on the right show to win back the affections of the woman he loved.

Gatsby honestly cared for Daisy, and it was because Daisy left him that Gatsby decided that he needed to make more money and become more successful.

His quest for the American dream leads him from poverty to wealth, into the arms of his beloved and, eventually, to his death.

Gatsby and Daisy had been involved some years before until Daisy left him because he didn't have enough money.

The parties for him are more about putting on a good public display.

Jay Gatsby is very concerned with his outward appearance, particularly when Daisy Buchanan is the one whose attention he has caught.

Similarly, Gatsby is first seen at the end of Chapter 1 but not met until the middle of Chapter 3.

Tom Buchanan’s question of who Gatsby is is asked in Chapter 6, and Nick Carraway’s narrative is the attempt to answer it. Various characters suggest that he is a bootlegger (an illegal smuggler of alcohol when Prohibition had largely banned it in the U. When Owl-Eyes discovers that Gatsby’s books are real he exclaims: “This fella’s a regular Belasco,” referring to an American theatrical producer, famous for the detail and plausibility of his stage-sets.

Nick is the narrator of a story that mainly centres around Gatsby.

The narrative is his attempt to understand Gatsby, and, despite his claim that he’s inclined to reserve all judgements, to defend his friend, saying after Gatsby’s death: “I found myself on Gatsby’s side, and alone.” Indeed at the end, it is Nick who takes charge of Gatsby’s affairs and tries to get mourners to attend his funeral.


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