Essays On The Functions Of Management

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It is understood that all managers may not be fully talented in all four areas, though they should try their best hand at each one.

Though everyday may not include all functions, it is impossible for one function to exist without the other three.

It is easy for workers to see management as unprepared and lose their respect for management with proper organization.

This function helps well within a fast food organization, because organization helps decide who is responsible for shifts, the product, and the food companies are organized in the management department as well.

The paper concludes with how important the functions are to any organization and how essential they are in running a successful organization.

The four key functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.Poor performance can lead to faithful customers never returning and spreading the bad experience to other customers. The four functions of management are all important to any organization. According to Wanish (2009), each component is important and one cannot function well without the others.This paper will define the four functions of management individually, and explain how they relate to a restaurant chain known as Carl jr. It is hard for most people to think of these organizations as the corporate type.Management shows the employees how to perform their work task or tasks. These tasks include preparation of food, stocking, cleaning, and customer communication.Management is often busy seeing to the overall erformance and runs.This causes the workers not to be able to lead other workers or new recruits.In an organization such as Hardees, leading is passed down.The four functions are described as essential parts of any organization.Organizations must use these functions in management in order to ensure tasks are completed in the correct order using the proper tools to achieve overall goals and accomplishments. How the functions help the organization keep up with the world around it with globalization and technology is also described.


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