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He felt that the continent was unjustly being targeted as uncivilized in many respect, particularly in its treatment of women and the poor.To get his point across, he wrote sensationalized novels, such as ‘Things Fall Apart’ in order to express that Africa is truly a misunderstood culture.

By taking effort to enforce the women's status, the state actually meant to cultivate nationalistic feeling in the minds of its citizens.

Gender equality and gender rights were equal and the professionalism of women was supported by the government but they demanded for more rights especially the control upon their sexuality.

The article "introduces the historical context of women's emancipation in the Republic of Turkey and then discusses how different women's groups expanded, transformed or perpetuated the parameters of the public realm with their different, at times seemingly contradictory, discourses for liberation.

The focus of this article is on issues and concerns around which women voiced their differences from the founding fathers who 'emancipated women,' and not on politics in formal political institutions, such as political parties or parliament." ("From Emancipation to Liberation: The Changing Role of Women in Turkey's Public Realm" 107).

The republican concept of secularism and nationalism strengthened the feminists of Turkey.

In the society, women were provided with a new public space and their gender role was redefined.

This application results in profits arising out of the activities of the human capital and the efficiency with which this resource carries out its tasks.

This in turn, has a bearing on the achievement of the organisation's goals. P 13 to 18) This paper seeks to discuss the new role of the Human Resource element that has emerged in......

The roots of this can be traced back to the movement for Women in Education that to this day continues to advocate equality of opportunity for women and men in their access to education.

In this case, the education should be neutral in its diffusion, production, and design.


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