Essays On The American Revolution

But it was Spain that established the earliest European settlement in America in 1508, a century before the English arrived at Jamestown.

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The Bilbao merchant Diego de Gardoqui, who had a long relationship with cod brokers in Marblehead and Salem, smuggled shiploads of muskets, shoes, uniforms, blankets, and gunpowder to New England.

From New Orleans, Unzaga sent 10,000 pounds of much-needed gunpowder to the colonial troops at Fort Pitt (today’s Pittsburgh) to fend off British threats in the Western Theater.

They also had a system through which owners of the large plantations in Britain supported the war through contributions.

Another strategy the government used was delayed payment for the soldiers, suppliers and those involved in the war.

Madrid also sent today’s equivalent of a half-billion dollars to France in order to fund another arms smuggling operation to the United States.

Americans desperately needed this materiel aid, for they had begun the war stunningly incapable of fending for itself.

France established its own American colonies in Canada and Louisiana at about the same time.

Over the next two centuries, the global clashes between the three European imperial powers resulted in France and Spain losing a substantial part of their holdings.

This, however, did not formally put to the end the war until in 1783. This, however, was not a major hit on them as it was for France. Forty percent of the money they used to finance the war was borrowed.

In the 1770s, British collected over twelve percent of the total GDP in taxes.


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