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That powerful force could even return to 's eighteen-year-late Chinese theatrical release, which includes this series of posters newly designed by artist Zao Dao, will certainly help give it a push.Every Ghibli enthusiast in China will certainly come out for it, and with luck, they may also be able to see the upcoming — Miyazaki's next and perhaps final film, for whose production he came out of the latest of his retirements — in theaters along with the rest of the world.Shinto was the state religion of Japan in the past. Kami is term to describe sacred spirits, or something that possesses superior power (Earheart 6).

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This essay is going to be focusing on two particular aspects which are Shinto beliefs and human versus nature.

In Asian culture, people usually give priority to the religion.

They walk through the tunnel and discover a new world behind it.

They keep on walking and finally go into a small town where is no one there.

Animation fans all over the world love the films of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, but animation fans in China have never, until very recently, been able to see them on the big screen.

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Part of the problem has to do with the sensitivity of Chinese authorities to what sort of media enters the country — especially media from a country like Japan, with which China has not always seen eye to eye.All beings can be called Kami such as river, woods, or even human beings (Ono and Woodard 6). They regard Kami as an object of worship in Shinto religion.Throughout the film, it can be seen that many elements of Shinto aspect is subtly embed.tells the story of a ten-year-old girl who, lost in an abandoned amusement park, finds her way into a parallel world populated with the countless spirit creatures enumerated in the Japanese folk religion of shinto — which, as revealed in Wisecrack's video essay "The Philosophy of Hayao Miyazaki," figures heavily into some, and perhaps all of the master's work.As displeasing as the presence of religion, let alone a Japanese religion, may long have been to Chinese higher-ups, the Chinese public's enthusiasm for Miyazaki's films can hardly be disputed.But they get lost in a glove and find a tunnel in it.They are curious about the tunnel and decide to check it out.Some characteristics which will aid in recognizing a bourgeoisie is their tendency to exploit their workers, their flashy exhibiting of their wealth (nouveau riche) and their constant emphasis on their profits.In Miyazaki’s film Spirited Away the representative of the bourgeoisie is verified by Yubaba, a greedy and power hungry witch who owns a bathhouse that caters to the spirits of the spirit world. is a world that is worth living in” (Akagawa, 2013, ¶ 21). Therefore the ideology in film takes a powerful role that shapes aspects of people’s beliefs.When it comes to a film, people who watch the film receive a message from it whether that message is explicit or not.


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