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And that approach gets them nowhere most of the times.

I think that in this case, what we may be looking at are gifts to the Gods, or an exchange of life for life on the battlefield in the case of prisoners of war.

Hypothetically speaking, the warriors of "our tribe" were successful and few were killed, but war is an arena of death and certain loss of life is expected or perhaps vowed as a part of the victory celebration, so prisoners from "their tribe" are sacrificed as a substitute for "our" warriors or as gifts to the deity of warriors.

But at some point, animal sacrifice was apparently substituted for human sacrifice in cosmic renewal ceremonies, as well as in other kinds of sacrifice, and so there would seem to be precedent for considered changes in this kind of ritual.

We are not, then, looking for "an excuse to stop performing the sacrifice" but rather a theologically valid way to transform the sacrifice while maintaining its focus and impact, as was done in the alleged transition from human to animal sacrifice.

Do you invest time, sleep, effort and energy, or give up some of the stuff you’re used to and enjoy doing?

One of the primary functions of sacrifice is the renewal of the cosmos.Although we do not have a Celtic creation myth preserved in the corpus of written and oral materials, I think it would be reasonable to think that their myth might follow this pattern as well.If creation requires death and dismemberment to occur, then it would follow that only the sacrifice of something living will do to fulfill a cosmological sacrifice.We also know from a Welsh medieval medical text, and from Irish tradition, that the body is related to the cosmos in Celtic thought.The eyes may be the stars, sun be the face, breath be the wind, stone as bones, water as blood, soil as flesh, etc.Some anthropologists and historians have speculated that the sacrifice of animals followed a period of the sacrifice of humans as the vehicle of cosmic renewal.We do know that the Celts sacrificed prisoners of war and occasionally other humans in some rituals, so they had not left that phase of sacrifice behind them entirely.Mauss would say that this sort of sacrificial gift creates a mutual relationship between the Gods and the human community that requires a reciprocal gift from the Gods of continued food, shelter, and other necessary survival substances.But as I've said, these gift exchanges do not renew the cosmos in a theological sense. An important task to be sure, but not the point of cosmological sacrifice.The point is that doing anything truly great requires some sort of inherent sacrifice that may or may not be immediately obvious.” So are sacrifices necessary? For that to happen, you need to give up on all the others things that are distracting you, and that you may like or enjoy, but which aren’t as important as this one dream.So many things will require your attention that you’ll end up being discontent and stressed. Next time you give something in order to get more of what you desire, don’t feel bad.


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