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As children get older and become teenagers, it may be more difficult to get them to interact with adults of any age, but it’s still important to try.With technology becoming more instrumental in their daily lives, teens have the unique opportunity to teach grandparents what’s new, such as cell phone texting, Skyping (which allows you to speak to and see a person in real time on your computer) and downloading music and videos to i Phones, i Pads and other gadgets.Humanize Even through those physical and mental changes, it’s important for children to relate to seniors on an ongoing basis.

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Take the time to talk honestly with your kids and to let them know it’s okay that you’re sometimes upset, Goyer says.

Let your kids know that it’s not a burden to take care of Grandma and Grandpa; help them to see their grandparents and other elders as human beings with feelings of their own.

The message that parents should strive to give their children when it comes to role modeling is that as loved ones get older and start to lose certain physical or mental abilities, they may need more support, says Goyer, the primary caregiver to her own parents. “The history of what they have done for you is always there.

Caregiving [for elders] is hard and very frustrating, but I try to show the fun to my nieces and nephews whenever I can.” While it’s normal to occasionally become upset as a caregiver, this isn’t necessarily what your children should see.

D., a clinical professor and child psychologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Where once people lived into their 60s, today they live well into their 90s and it’s not uncommon to see three generations within a single family.

“Eventually, the parent becomes the sole provider or caregiver of a parent,” Stedman says.

“You project to your children the norms and values of your family,” adds Stedman.

It’s up to you as the parent to socialize your kids and help them understand that while seniors may lose physical and mental capacities, they are still valued and respected.

Certainly, a child’s developmental level should always be taken into account when trying to teach respect, Stedman says.

Younger children will be more comfortable with older adults if they have something familiar to play with, such as a favorite toy or coloring book.


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