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There are just three sides to the debate; Neanderthals left no genetic material behind in modern humans, Only Europeans came straight from Neanderthals and finally Neanderthals contributed a minimal amount of genetic material to overall humans....

[tags: ancient history, neanderthals] - Neanderthals (Homo Sapiens Neandertalensis) and Anatomically Modern Humans (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) were believed to have interacted and co-existed.

[tags: Neanderthal, Human, Human evolution, Pleistocene] - The Neanderthal, or Homo Neanderthalensis were a subspecies of humans, found in the Neander River in Germany, which they are named after.

It is thought they went extinct around 40,000 to 28,000 years ago.

Bones of Neanderthals have been found that appeared to be cut like animal bones, but it was hard to determine if the cuts had been from other Neanderthals or just animals chewing on the bones. Claims that Neanderthals practiced cannibalism are not new. Both the brain and bone marrow are both high in fat, so the Neanderthals broke open deers" skulls, and apparently other Neanderthal skulls and limbs, too. (Chang, 1999) So, were Neanderthals actually cannibalisti... Homo erectus and Neanderthals have very many similar ...

He studies our ancient Neanderthal cousins to prove what makes us human. Neanderthal heads are different than Homo erectus heads. Pogue explains that a few reasons that the Homo erectus outlived Neanderthals are because Homo erectus had smaller heads and slimmer bodies, allowing them to outrun other Neanderthals, their vocal cords may've been better than Neanderthals, allowing more formal communication, and they could've had more babies, simply crowding out Neanderthals. The Neanderthals remain something of a mystery in the story of human descent. Neanderthal sites often reveal evidence of cultural practices. These two artists' reconstructions of Neanderthal life show the distance we have come from our earliest conceptions of the Neanderthals. Neanderthals disappeared shortly after the time that modern humans appeared in Europe. Modern humans are typically much less robust in body form and skeleton than Neanderthals. This species is known for their receding forehead and prominent brow ridges.We know this species as the uncivilized or unintelligent person or group.Some of the characters of the movie Decoding Neanderthals consider Neanderthals like moronic individuals.However, are all modern humans bright or intelligent....It is difficult to state which of the ancestors were the first “humans”, but through various evidence, it can be determined that the Homo neanderthalensis or Neanderthal, were the first to show signs of being human....[tags: Human, Human evolution, Neanderthal, Hominina] - The Neanderthals are an extinct species of human that lived in ice age Europe between 120,000-35,000 years ago.This would have definitely led to fight with starvation and a decrease in the overall Neanderthal population, which could have been the cause of extinction.Also, in contrast to Cro-Magnons, who lived to well into there fifties, Neanderthals had a much shorter life span, barely surviving until the age of forty.Most of them involve Homo Sapiens in one way or another, considering that the Neanderthal's extinction coincides with the early human's estimated arrival in Europe from their original home in Africa. The first theory states that modern humans killed off the Neanderthals.With a much more sophisticated technology, Neanderthals would have had to compete with modern humans for their meals.


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