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in agreement with the appropriate disciplinary criteria; c.using relevant illustration or multimedia techniques; d. The timetable is available on the BA International Studies website.In the New Republic online, Peter Beinart has written a not-to-be missed essay touting the successful nation building strategies the United Nations has been quietly developing without much fanfare here in the United States.

in agreement with the appropriate disciplinary criteria; c.

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And perhaps the one point that Beinart could have emphasized more forcefully is the gap between the demand for peacekeepers worldwide and the financial resources available to the United Nations to oversee their deployment.

The Department of Peace Keeping Operations is forced to maintain the current level of peacekeepers around the world and prepare for new missions without ever experiencing an increase in its budget commensurate to the new operations the Security Council authorizes.

However, the nation-state only came into being some two hundred years ago and in 1945 the majority of the world’s population still lived in multi-ethnic empires.

In this course we will primarily focus on the way the nation-building process stimulated people to identify with the (new) nation-state.

to provide an answer to questions concerning (a subject) in the field covered by the course a.

in the form of a clear and well-structured oral presentation; b. to actively participate in a discussion following the presentation. to be socio-communicative in collaborative situations; 2. to collect and select academic literature using traditional and digital methods and techniques; 2.As Beinart notes, the UN has a capacity to oversee complex nation/peace building operations that is unparalleled by any government on its own; long serving expert staff in areas as diverse as justice sector development and election management makes the UN uniquely suited to take on these tasks in societies emerging from conflict.Peacekeepers are the core of these kinds of operations.For FY 2007, it is estimated that the United States will be close to 0 million in arrears.These backlogs come at a time when the United States is increasingly looking to peacekeeping operations for world conflict zones.Complicating matters is that the single largest financial donor to peacekeeping operations, the United States, is constantly in arrears.The United States has agreed to pay 27% of the costs of peacekeepers around the globe, but it never makes that amount in full.During the second part of the course the students will have to present the (preliminary) results of their own investigations based on a substantial amount of secondary studies on a very concrete topic, which they can choose freely (after consultation with the instructor).Additionally, the students will work through: The elective courses for International Studies are designed to teach students how to deal with state-of-the-art literature and research questions.To that end, Beinart uses the UN’s recent logistical accomplishments in the Congolese elections as an entry into a discussion of the future of nation building in the face of America’s experience in Iraq. As a result of Iraq, says Beinart, Americans may have a declining appetite for ambitious nation building projects.However, the United Nations is poised to fill that gap.


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