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Sports, mutual interests, and similar experiences can unite people in a substantial way.But what about those cases when people have nothing in common and are total strangers, yet they suddenly find themselves holding hands and singing along, dancing, or simply silently listening to captivating beats.Music has the power to make us want to smile at every stranger walking by, simply because we are hearing a transcendent song. A persuasive essay is a form of academic writing that is built around a central argument.

Sports, mutual interests, and similar experiences can unite people in a substantial way.

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In fact, I believe music has been around us for as long as we have existed (Lung 24).

When I say that music is everywhere, I first of all mean that music comes from nature—the sound of crackling straw in the field, rustling trees in a grove, or the murmur of a fast mountain stream.

Music can bring up the most tender and anxious feelings.

It can move you in time and space by bringing back special memories of which you were craving to relish.

Music adds flavor to my life and this flavor is different depending on “what dish I am eating.” Music can be so much more than an accompaniment—it is a full-fledged spice that can accentuate, muffle, or supplement any experience.

If I were to leave for a deserted island and could only take a few items, my player and a couple of solar-charging batteries would be my choice.Music is my companion for life, my indicator of mood, my best adviser, and my own little world.I would never call music a hobby, as I cannot imagine my life without my favorite music.Music is the most inspirational phenomena I can think of for a multitude of reasons.Music is a world of emotions and every time I hear a song I like, it shares some of these emotions with me.There were many cases when music sent shivers down my spine, so honest and strong were the tunes, so powerful the memories they awakened.I am sure it happened to everyone at least once, that a strong memory is somehow linked to a certain song or tune and whenever you hear it playing, you travel back to that situation in your thoughts, able to experience that it again (Connors 65).We sometimes forget how powerful music is and how inspirational its power can be.In addition, music is able unite people like nothing else can (Poplars 45).There is a playlist for when I am sad, for when I am happy, for when I am thoughtful, excited, angry, adventurous, or sleepy.Music helps me to cope with the emotions that I experience.


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