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He was the pioneer behind establishing over hundred mosques in the better part of the United States territory.

He was the pioneer behind establishing over hundred mosques in the better part of the United States territory.As chief representative for Elijah Muhammad, saw the Nation of Islam rise to being a spiritual and religious organization in the 1960’s, hence expanding its reach.

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Furthermore, he created awareness of the negative effects that racial discrimination had in the world. Movie Report Malcolm X, the film by Spike Lee, is based upon a Muslim- American (Malcolm X)’s life history.

Lee makes use of flashback technique to unearth the most important happenings in Malcolm X’s life in the mainstream society.

Besides, Lee provides ample importance to social criticism based upon crime, racism, religious conversion and emotional/mental trauma originating from family problems.

Thesis statement: Spike Lee’s film Malcolm X mirrors the protagonist’s transformation from a criminal to a religious/social reformer (special references to the personal/public problems like emotional/mental......? From the very beginning the film, Malcolm X, ties the two themes of religion and America together.

In his Harlem life encounter, he realized that the black community should be more vibrant in helping themselves in an attempt to improve their oppressing situation.

This in its sense applies to everyday life and should be embraced if one wants to improve a situation.In the event that there was a conflict of opinion between the two leaders, who were on the same side portrays the intricacy of the issue of race in that country.He visited African countries that had already gained independence and India, which was anti-imperialist.He depicts African American culture with vibrancy and criticizes unacceptable behavior from his point of view of Muslim faith.The book ‘Autobiography of Malcolm X’ conceptualizes a transformation from lack of knowledge and misery to awareness and religious initiation (Haley).On interviewing Malcolm X, Alex Haley wrote the book and shortly before his killing in 1965, the book became popular as being a classic task on African American history.Malcolm Xs intense journal ventures on a miniature ledge of grand autobiographies.Malcolm argues that the fight of African Americans is directly proportional to that of minorities in the other parts of the globe.He reckons that both political and economical dilemmas of blacks in America are somewhat the same to those of blacks in other countries as opposed to the other communities in America. Paw Prints, 2008 (“Malcolm X Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words”, n.d.) Malcolm X Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words.The film moves into a black and white scene of a mob attacking an individual, while the voiceover complains about the crimes of the white man, who destroys all that is good... Malcolm X – Movie Report The movie starts with a passionate monologue from Malcolm X, which immediately captures the attention and imagination of the audience.The story starts from Malcolm X’s childhood days, when his father was a local leader who believed in Back to Africa theme.


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