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However, this is opposed to the central idea of egalitarianism – all people have an equal right and claim on the resources of the society. The social contract theory negates this concept and relies solely on individual rights rather than communal rights. Men in a state of nature could make use of their perfect freedom for their own good, since they were reasonable men. They did not threaten the lives of their neighbors.

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Locke's reason for favoring a civil government to impose upon man some restrictions of government authority was that men after all were not impartial judges of their friends' shortcomings.

He admitted that human frailties could lead to abuse of power.

Otherwise, the contractual agreement which was the basis of government's existence would be without substance and meaning.

Locke asserted that men should retain their natural rights in civil society and that political powers or sovereignty should not be assigned to the monarch, but to the people's representatives in parliament who should be supreme.

Pre-Classical thinkers viewed society through a pessimistic lens. These two social theorists use the social contract theory to explain......

They believed that all humans innately were brutal, but the fear of a brutal death at the hands of another brash human being drove them to create a social contract to form a government with laws. The Philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke The Philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke Philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke hold different opinions on political authority.s School Social Contract Theory – John Locke Social contract theory implies the body of knowledge which deals with the question of the authority of the state over the citizens of a state (Lessnoff, 1990).In other words, theorists propose their views regarding the legitimacy of the state to have authority over the individuals.Why, because government had violated its obligations under the social contract to the extent that it had broken it.What were these obligations The government as trustee had to protect and preserve people's rights, especially natural rights as explained above.Both are ified as social contract theorists but Hobbes, whose work predates Locke's by approximately one century, was the polar opposite of the latter. Journal of Libertarian Studies, Volume 1, Issue # 3 , 185-194. Indeed, it would hardly be an exaggeration were one to claim that the one's theory is the antithesis of the other's. It was said that sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.This view is embodied in Locke's theory of popular sovereignty in which the citizens have the vested right and power to choose their representat ..found in people’s protection, their rights and liberties, as well as the right for their property (Social Contract, 2009).In Locke's view, the legislative power could never be arbitrary, since under the doctrine of popular sovereignty, the people had the supreme power to change, through peaceful election or revolution, their representatives in the parliament whenever such representatives acted contrary to the trust reposed in them.Locke's social contract puts in perspective the parliamentary democracy of limited government that many states have today, which stresses the protection and promotion of individual rights to life, liberty and property.


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