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Thus, the three of them try to play their roles based on the status which has been defined by the wider society and not by their individual convictions (Ackley 149).

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However, it turns out later that the information about Mr. She is shocked to see him alive, which causes her to experience a heart attack and die.

James Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is about an old man who is constantly carried away by fantasies.

Mallard would rather choose death over the life of “becoming” a woman in a man’s world. Mallard, and this is not an identity she can call her own.

A wife’s identity is no identity at all, because it is a product of gender roles and expectations. As a protagonist, she does not even have a specific name in the beginning of the story. Mallard, defined by her relation to her gender and husband.

She remains a product of her gender, a woman who is meant to do housework all her life and be a servant to men and her family. When someone dreams of days becoming her own, one would feel that depth of servitude it must be to be a woman. This idea of becoming a woman in her own terms can be gleaned from the symbols of empowerment in the story, such as songs and birds: “The notes of a distant song which someone was singing reached her faintly, and countless sparrows were twittering in the eaves” (Chopin). She does not even love this man she calls her husband, but she has to stick with ...? Mallard was born into a time when women were treated as second citizens.

Being a woman during these times means a world of “repetition” of servitude. The song represents the song of freedom from bondage, while the sparrows are symbols of freedom and autonomy. She had no property or wealth other than what her husband gave to her. Mallard is a sympathetic character because she is a woman who tasted the first part of freedom, only to have it taken away from her when she finds that her husband is alive. Mallard is, in a sense, a victim of her circumstances.

As a result, both characters fail to get a permanent escape from their situations.

Nevertheless, the two texts differ in how they treat the characters’ fate. Mallard is destroyed by her inability to face reality while, Mr.

It is a story revolving around the themes of marriage and bondage.

The story demonstrates that a wife’s identity is no identity at all, because it is defined by her gender and status beneath her husband, and wives like Mrs.


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